Kyle Was Wrong (Seattle Cache Refresh 1st Place)

podoboyz99 2343

So after a disappointing 10th place finish in a cut to top 8 at Seattle regionals I was pretty bummer out when we all went to dinner at a nearby Chinese place. As it does, the conversation naturally drifted to netrunner and eventually to the cache refresh format and how nobody knows whats going on with it. I was intent on saying assets were really good and Kyle (@bluebird503) was intent on that you couldn't win. I made a deck, everyone told me it was bad so I deleted it. Next morning I wake up after a long night and realize I don't have cache refresh decks built. I furiously throw this together as I'm already late and don't have a chance to edit at all. Then I won a bunch of games and the best mat FFG has printed yet.

I didn't lose a game with this deck on the day and it actually did better than expected as runners are very heavily favored in the format. Tags will rarely work just to the amount of Aaron in the format. The idea was make a bunch of money and make it really annoying with Sandburgs then fast advance your points. You can fast advance a 4/2 with a Haas Arcology AI installed and a Biotic and SFK in your hand, and this will be easier when the new pack comes out. Oberth and DNA Tracker were included because I just had so much leftover influence, and the DNA tracker was good but Oberth was not. Cut it for some better non-clickable sentries would be my recommendation. I would also add an Archived Memories or Preemptive Action to recur Biotics. I expect a version of this deck to define the cache refresh meta but there is still a lot of optimization to do here. There isn't really a way to deal with 3 Friends in the format, so all the assets run rampant.

Thanks to everyone for doubting me and the asset decks, but thanks to Kyle for telling me what to play on runner, you can find the list here.

22 May 2017 bluebird503

I didn't expect this to be good but what do I know. Also no whizzard/no scrubber, good times.

23 May 2017 Saan

I think the real takeaway here is that Kyle has no idea what he's talking about.

Sick deck, dude =)