Loss of Income 1.1

Valranoth 351

Working smoother. Even getting a few wins. (Still probably jank.)

Rubicon + Infinite Money is really strong, assuming you ever draw the switch.

This deck will only exist until rotation, at which point Snitch and Compromised Employee go the way of the Dodo. Unsure what I'll do then.


Credit to this Silhouette deck for the initial idea.

Credit to Need vs Greed and @rubyvr00m for turning me on to Rosetta 2.0. The deck also got me onto The Gauntlet, which has been assisting The Turning Wheel on getting my accesses.

2 Jun 2017 RubbishyUsername

How much do you even care about Run Amok? The Silhouette deck you're referencing only use it because it has Blackguard. I feel like you care more about getting extra clicks from somewhere.

2 Jun 2017 rubyvr00m

I like the direction you're taking this, but I don't think you could ever convince me that 3 Deuces are better than 3 Temujins. It definitely looks faster than the last version though and I'm interested to see future iterations if you keep testing it.

2 Jun 2017 RubbishyUsername

Oh, and I'm reminded that for slow-ass decks like this Peace In Our Time is a godsend. Just a couple of course, you don't want it when your engine is up, but lets you get drawing and installing much earlier.

3 Jun 2017 Treiclon

Another point in favour of Peace in Our Time would be that you already have Tapwrm. You can capitalize on it even further with Hernando Cortez.
I like the Cache and Rosetta 2.0 interaction.

4 Jun 2017 Valranoth

Thanks. I'll keep testing this. So far, it's just a 'nice combo'. I'm having trouble turning it into a solid win condition. I need to speed things up, more draw probably.