Alice Unchained- 1st (4-1) ANRPC Child's Play Tournament 201

internet_potato 938

This list is 98% @codemarvelous -- I think the only change I made was dropping a Plascrete Carapace for a third Maw.

This deck went 3-1 in swiss, beating PU and AgInf on the back of permanent Employee Strike, and Tennin Institute with Yog.0 + Ice Carver + Datasucker and Medium digs. The loss in swiss was to a SYNC boom that got 24/7 BN within probably the first 5 or 6 turns.

It beat the same SYNC boom deck in the grand finals with deep medium digs and some extremely fortunate Maw triggers.

On the whole, the deck feels really tight as long as you can get through the setup relatively smoothly. The real tricky part is balancing econ, wyldcakes setup, and Alice/Maw pressure in the early game. Overall I think I played it too slow but was lucky to not face a lot of rush-y corps. It runs a bit poor, especially if your Career Fairs don't come up at the right time, so I might consider making space for Dirty Laundry or Temüjin Contract. Having multiple Aeneas Informant for the medium dig endgame is really important to keeping a full head of steam.

  • Round 3 of swiss (win v. Tennin) is on stream here
  • Round 4 of swiss (lose v. SYNC) is on stream here
  • Final match (win v. SYNC) is on stream here: Frustratingly, there is a potentially game-changing series of misplays on the last turn. We both missed the fact that my MCA'ed Aeneas Informant should have raised the cost to break IP block from 1 credit to 2 credits (or left me with a bunch of tags). Had I continued to dig, I would have been too poor to steal the winning NAPD contract, and had I stopped to kill the aeneas informant, I think I would have been one card short of the agenda. I'm not sure how I would have changed my play based on that, probably would have run HQ since I knew it was loaded with GFI's and he only had 2 credits. He was out of FA options, so I could have cleared MCA and probably finished it off next turn anyway. Still, wish that we had caught it in time. Alan is a great player and I don't want him to feel like he was cheated out of the win.
9 Jul 2017 CodeMarvelous

Yea Merchants of Disruption!!!!

9 Jul 2017 locusshifter

That PU got to 6 points, with you down to 7 cards (5 in hand, two in the deck).

Just sayin'. ;)

10 Jul 2017 internet_potato

@locusshifter that was a super close game! You had two rezzed bioethics, so it was definitely do or die. My brevity in summarizing the matches is mainly due to my inability to remember details :)

10 Jul 2017 locusshifter

@internet_potato I'm not bitter =P

11 Jul 2017 nungunz

I swapped one Maw for a Bhagat. Ended up doing a boatload of work and even managed to Mill out a PU deck.

11 Jul 2017 internet_potato

@nungunz Bhagat is a great idea. I went up against it a few times on the day and it really turned up the pressure. I did find that 3 maw was a little excessive, especially since you are normally more focused on getting wyldcakes and econ up and running in the early game, and can generally delay installing it until the midgame.

20 Jul 2017 Reutan

@internet_potato you have a super valid point about the Aeneas, but I was really just praying for a miracle. I don't think I actually had the outs to get you there. I was fishing for the Jackson, but didn't know what I'd actually pull back to save myself with. They were good games, and don't think it would have ended with anything but a win for you there.

I will be mildly salty about 4 of like 6 Maw triggers hitting the 1 card I wanted out of 5 (maybe one was 1/4?) though. =P But only in the snarky fashion, not actually upset.