Wyndeln (3rd Place German Nationals)

Klopstock 628

This deck took me to third place in the German Nationals (my Corp deck), going 4-0 in Swiss and 2-0 in the cut, staying undefeated.

The week before Nationals I looked at Runner decks I could play and decided that ParaSifr-Whizz looked good. I tried to learn it, but it was just too little time and the evening before the event, I played some games with Dome and just could not keep up. That's when I chose to stick to the good old Dyper. This is a pretty standard Rotage Dyper 2, with some Moons-Tech, mainly the Astrolabes, built by @jrda25, who took the Philippines Regional down with it and I liked the list, so I figured I would just play it (I tried Labe-less Dyper at the Dutch Nationals and failed horribly in my two games against Moons).

Game 1 against Dani with RP Glacier - Win: I poked around a little in the beginning and managed to steal an agenda, afterwards we had the Dyper dance of installing False Echo/Clone Chip, which is answered by another R&D-Ice, while the Corp tries to score out. It was a pretty close game, but in the end I could go off and find the necessary points.

Game 2 against Chris with AGInfusion - Win: Chris played a little slower in the beginning, not expecting Dyper. When the Hyperdrivers hit the table, he tried to shift to the next gear, but was ultimately too slow and I could combo out.

Game 3 against Dome with Moons - ID: We sat down to play, then saw that Christopher and Timo on the next table ID'd, looked at each other's IDs and knew that both were basically 90-10 matchups (this deck would not stand a chance against his Anti-Dyper Moons with Boot Camp, while his ParaSifr-Whizzard can't do much against CI), so we decided to ID too and relax outside. We played the matchups twice for fun and all four games went exactly as expected.

Game 4 against Jörg with Palana Fast Advance - Win: Jörg played wacky decks and did very well with them. This deck was a Palana Fast Advance/Rush deck with some traps mixed in for good measure. In the end, though, he was just too slow (I think his Agroplex helped me more than him) and I could Dype him.

Game 5 against Dag with Helheim CI - Win: Before the game started, I wondered what kind of CI deck Dag was playing. I think most of them are manageable with Dyper, but some are very problematic, so I was relieved when I saw he was building a remote. The first two or three turns I acted like a normal Shaper, installing SMCs, Bloo Moose and Clone Chips, until I dropped the disguise and started with the Leprechauns and Hyperdrivers. Around turn 6, he installed something in his remote and advanced twice. Because his R&D was still unguarded, I SMCed in my Keyhole, ran three times, found 2 Beta Tests and 1 Vitruvius and Mad Dashed for the win, which was quite an unclimatic ending.

Game 6 against Timo with Moons - ID: We were the same four guys from round 3, with Dominic paired against Christopher and me getting paired with Timo. Since we would all be at 27 points after an ID and only four more people could theoretically reach 27 points, we decided to ID again and get some sun and oxygen while the others were struggling for the remaining places in the cut. Was a great time with you, guys!

Cut Game 1 against Timo with Moons - Win: The next morning, Timo and I faced off again, only this time we would play the game. He mulliganed, Iced R&D and installed something. I mixed pressure with setup the first turn, but couldn't find anything. The next turn, he Friendsed two cards back. I checked them. One of them was an ABT, so I had my suspicion strengthened that he was flooded. I continued hammering HQ and won on turn four or five, since he kept drawing more and more agendas and no Ice to defend them.

Cut Game 2 against Patrik with Moons - Win: Patrik had a very slow start with three turns of playing one Ice and clicking for credits twice each. Early on, I managed to snag an ABT from Archives, which is always good, since it takes some pressure off your combo turn. There was one crucial moment where he was on 1 card in hand, but had an Estelle with nine counters, an unrezzed Upgrade (which I suspected was a SanSan), rezzed Team Sponsorship & Jeeves and a loaded Efficiency Committee, which, with the right cards from the Moon, could have easily won him the game. I decided to gamble and give him the turn. He popped the Moon, but didn't even score one agenda. The turn afterwards I decided to go off, because I didn't want to risk him scoring 5 points in the next turn, quickly found two more agendas in R&D and dashed for the win.

Unfortunately, this version of Dyper will soon be dead. I don't really know what to do then. Maybe learn how to run with a proper Runner? Or switch to another version of Dyper? Only time will tell.