Magnum Smoke (C2R+BR List)

Nick! 144

Which restricted card do I use?

Magnum Opus?
Film Critic?
Levy AR Lab Access?

Choosing between these three cards was the hardest decision for me.

Levy is great for the reset of the deck and against net damage.
Film Critic is great for the Jinteki match up and against Hunter Seeker.
Magnum Opus is just great for $$$.

Feedback Filter with the never ending credits from Opus can alleviate the net damage tax, making it easier to take the 4 net damage from Obokata and lessening the need for Levy. 2x of breakers and 3x of Magnum Opus can alleviate the aftermath of Hunter Seeker. Thus, Magnum Opus was the choice.

A draw engine of Diesel and Deuces Wild moves through the deck quick. Once Magnum, breakers, Net Mercur, and Mirror are up, continual draw isn't a necessity. 2x of breakers are included for quicker setup as well as for the Skorpios and/or Batty match up. I decided to go with 1x Dagger and 1x Switchblade. Switchblade is probably better overall (especially against Komainu/Tour Guide), but the need for 2 stealth credits can be rough in the early game. Indexing and Equivocation are the R&D multi-access while 2x Legwork are the HQ multi-access. Same Old Thing can recur Indexing/Legwork in the net damage match up or in the late game. I included "Freedom Through Equality" instead of Mad Dash to double as the 7th point and the current, with slots being so tight. One current typically suffices. Since the most popular Corp current is Scarcity, this deck only has 8 resources and will only install, at most, five resources. Some games you can get by only installing one or two. I included 2x Ghost Runner since the days of running with Temujin Contract while loading up Mercur are over. Mirror as the console allows room for Magnum Opus while also replenishing a stealth credit after running on R&D. Atman, Feedback Filter, and Misdirection are tech slots versus Mother Goddess/Excalibur/Loki, net damage and HHN/tagstorm, respectively. Mopus serves as the econ engine and the tech slot against asset spam, where typical turns are Opus, Opus, trash asset, trash asset.

22 Sep 2017 CaKnuckleguy

I'm a little confused, isn't the point of Stealth not needing buckets of cash? It's supposed to be efficient and snowballing into more effeciency as it sets up. I don't get why Mopus TBH. I Like the rest, pretty standard Smoke choices and always a good list, but...eeeeeehhhh....not sold on Mopus over FC.

22 Sep 2017 CaKnuckleguy

Also FYI: Feedback filter doesn't help you against Obokata. You can't prevent the damage and steal. You either take the damage and steal, or don't take the damage and don't steal. The only 'dodge' around that is Film Critic. The damage is a cost. Preventing a cost means you don't pay it.

22 Sep 2017 Nick!

Yeah, but if you can prevent All or some of the other net damage, 4 net to steal the Obokata isn’t bad at all. I chose Mopus because it’s consistent and doesn’t run out. I tested with Liberated, Peace in Our Time, Armitage, and other econ options but I eventually would hit a wall where there was no more money to be made. Especially in the Weyland advanceable ICE match up. Stealth does snowball, but in the Glacier or Asset spam match ups a lot of money is needed. 3x Temujin would net you 48 creds. This doesn’t include continual creds from Bloo Moose. It would take 3 Liberated Accounts and 3 Daily Casts to replace the 3 Temujin and they are much slower and you’ll probably get rushed out or overwhelmed by assets before you can assemble enough cash to attack the Corp.

22 Sep 2017 Nick!

@CaKnuckleguy Also, regarding regarding Mopus over film critic. 3 magnum opus is basically all the cards you need Econ wise which opens up card slots and influence and you aren’t hoard against a turn 1 scarcity. With Hunter Seeker and Obokata and GFI on the restricted list, if they are running GFI, you don’t have a need for Film critic. If they are using Obokata/Hunter Seeker, they are actually running real 3-pointers which are harder for them to score and gets you to 7 points faster.

24 Sep 2017 Nick!