Steve's Gone Swimming

obscurica 1302

Post-Rotation, Ban/Restrict list: using Film Critic

Fully half of the icebreakers in here are disposables, utilized primarily to get around anti-AI ice, or to set up an easy bypass and enable Exploit -- or to get around a CVS flush. Otherwise, you can get by with only Aumakua and Dean Lister.

Gone Swimming

No Account Siphon? No Temüjin Contract? No problem. There are other ways to make the corp nervous -- and for the crim runner to make their hay. Though there isn't a lot that runners can do to stifle corp econ now, they can make it uncomfortable to stack the cash piles too high. The more Tapwrms you churn out, the more uncomfortable the other player should get: we're now committed into a game of chicken where their attempts at fortifying their own position serves to make the runner stronger as well.

They could Purge, of course, and deal with both Tapwrm and Aumakua at the same time. But given three Sacrificial Constructs and Steve's own ID ability, that's decidedly an exercise in futility.

Deep Diving

As for actually winning: using Doppelgänger as your console doesn't just compress Exploit into a two-click trigger. It also lets you load up on Aumakua and The Turning Wheel at twice the usual efficiency, as well as double-dip on Aeneas Informant. The Wheel alone means you have a strong multiaccess option -- one that synergizes with the event cards in hand with Legwork and The Maker's Eye.

Rough Waters

There are a few key issues I expect this deck to struggle with. A singleton Clot isn't easy to find, nor is the Film Critic to neutralize Obokata decks. Beating FA with your bypass and access suite probably isn't that much of a problem, but kill decks or blood-taxing strats will definitely mess up the grifter.

Early econ attacks are also going to hurt -- somewhat. The Aumakua+Lister interaction is low-cost and easy to set up, and the most expensive early-game play you can expect to make is a four-credit Earthrise Hotel. But if they ice up centrals and your opening hand sucks, it's going to be a struggle to reach critical mass.

27 Sep 2017 obscurica

Possible revisions:

+2 Aumakua

-1 Spear Phishing

-1 Special Order

That gives you a bit more resilience against Hortums and a lucky bastard Skorpios player.

28 Sep 2017 moistloaf

Deck seems hella poor

28 Sep 2017 obscurica

@moistloaf How so? Econ cards are as follows:

All as full sets.