Simple Geist

Klopstock 628

A Post-Rotation Geist deck, my own build with some inspiration from beyoken's deck of the week (Wasteland is great!). I played it in a little Tournament in Bremen, where I finished second of six players. It went 1-2, because I lost to Skorpios and let an Argus Boom me Turn 4 (not my brightest Runner play), while beating PU (double Levy helps a lot, even if the second one gets stuck on an all-Event Peddler).

The GS Shrike M2 was mainly in the list to counter Gagarin, this could as well be Off-Campus Apartment, a second Wasteland, a Maker's Eye or something like that. I really like playing the backup breakers, Saker counters Kakugo and Abagnale is good value against Tollbooth, Fairchild 3.0 and DNA Tracker. Still, they could be cut from the list, as Turtle might be enough in conjunction with the B&E-Breakers, to free up slots.