Cold Site Skunkworks [STARTUP]

zmb 285

The last months I have mainly been playing Startup format. Getting a bit bored with the identities I had been playing I wanted to try out something new. I remembered that Cold Site Server used to combo ok with MirrorMorph: Endless Iteration, especially with Red Level Clearance. Throw some Subliminal Messaging into the mix, and we have a deck!

It did surprisingly good, so I decided to post it here.

If you have a server with Tranquility Home Grid in it, a turn could look like this: 1. Play operation: Red Level Clearance to install a Cold Site Server, gain a click to click the CSS 2. Install Project Vitruvius 3. Click CSS You can also have CSS along with Manegarm Skunkworks for further protection. When you click your CSS it is fairly obvious what is going on, so never-advancing is possible with Seamless Launch, but why not give yourself a vitruvious counter instead to bring seamless or RLC back?

Also remember that clicking two different Cold Site Servers are two different actions, so installing multiple CSS in the same remote might seem unintuitive, but with a Tranquility Home Grid you are happy to have more targets for the same server. I won a game by installing Project Vacheron click 1, click CSS click 2, click a second CSS click 3 and then gain a click to click the 3rd one :) That is probably more fun than good, but it won me the game :)

The deck is pretty solid, even though it stands as i threw it together in literally 5 minutes, but if you like it, push the <3 so I can create more decks, cause frankly I am running out of deck-space :D

Also please comment with suggestions or interactions I have failed to mention!

20 Jan 2022 Maida

Skunk Works" came from Al Capp's satirical, hillbilly comic strip Li'l Abner.


21 Jan 2022 114141

Why not go full in and play Anoetic Void too? It synergices even better with Cold Site Server.