Smoke Post-Rotation - First Attempt

Celephaishs 19

I played Gooberman's version of this for a few games and then tweaked it a bit. I'm just getting to the stage with the game where I feel confident enough to start changing up some netdecks, so here go.

I'm relying on Obelus and Laguna Velasco District for card draw here, which may be a problem. I've been playing against a lot of kill decks locally (still!), so want to try out this. Maw is on hand if getting Boomed isn't an issue. I think Diesel should carry me through, but I'll consider adding Earthrise Hotel or more Laguna if it's a major issue.

Escher and Reshape are in because I wanted some Shaper fuckery and an option if R&D is just off limits. Aumakua is in as I'll be running lots and if drawn early should pay off. Still not sure how I feel about the Stealth breakers - dropping Bank Job and replacing Blackstone with Paperclip is an idea I saw that may be a good one.

So yeah, still a work in progress, but figured I'd throw it up here and get some feedback!

20 Oct 2017 Skeletons

First thing I would recommend would be to take a look at your choice of console to free up some influence for Paperclip or more economy. Card draw is one of those things shapers rarely need to find influence for. I would give Daredevil a try myself, but there are other options like Astrolabe or Earthrise Hotel.

20 Oct 2017 Celephaishs

@Skeletons Yeah, I should probably be dropping the Bank Job, Reshape, Escher and Blackstone to add some Dirty Laundrys and Paperclip. Might not even need two Cloaks in that case which could make room for an Earthrise Hotel.

There's definitely a few tweaks to be made, but think that's a good start alright!