Thatcher's Britain V.2.0

An Ordinary Hacker Girl 753

v1 write up:

Idea is to storm them with bad pub and trash their hand though a combo of Maw, and Protesters, pretty much locking them out of the game or forcing them to install agendas in often weak remotes. Nothing exactly new.

The deck used to have Peace in Our Time, but it rarely got cast as it always felt bad giving the corp the out to Mining Accident or getting them back into the game after the headlock.

I tend to Rebirth into ethier Omar Keung: Conspiracy Theorist/Alice Merchant: Clan Agitator if archives is left lightly guarded or Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer vs heavy event decks. If drawn early I can see strong arguments for Quetzal: Free Spirit to hop over rush ICE, and Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter for early ice tax.

The main breaker suite are the conspiracy breakers which obviously synergize with Inject and bad pub, even if your not going to use them sometimes installing them to not waste the bad pub is fine. (for example I installed Black Orchestra encountering a solitary Pop-up Window then jumped the sub with a credit anyway.

MVP of the deck has to be Deuces Wild, the card gives so many options and utility, from exposing an ICE to pump up turtle, then running a raven, then removing the tag after the run. To being a Build Script, to being money and a run and much more.


Testing against Jinteki which seems popular here, Skorp, and glacier decks made changes from V1.

[Ice Carver] and Datasucker left they never felt needed and became the tropes and Archivist. Tropes give the deck much needed recursion and longevity against Kukou and PU. Archivist is another good BP card, there are a lot of widely played agendas that trigger him right now including GFI, Oaktown and House of Knives.

Hotels became hoppers: The draw on demand lets you survive a boom! (if you draw up before they cast it obviously), the link syngerises well with Archivist.

C. Fair become a 3rd turtle and 2 critic: I lost a few games to not being able to take obokata or TFP which critic helps a tonne with, critic also dodges hunter seeker if you see that in hand or deck first. With the only targets for Carer fair being libby, casts and hotel the latter of which has left the deck, critic seemed a better use of the inf.

Maw, protesters cut: Maw is amazing but $6 always stung, especially if they're hand was already wrecked from protesters, turntable fills the console slot nicely, while not the monster it was when fastro was a thing, it can still be useful. Protestors only needs to be played once to get value out of it mid game, 3 felt too many especially with all the draw in the deck.

Hunting grounds slot?: With Data loop and grail being quite popular, hunting grounds is a nice tech surprise against them, while also helping against old favourites like raven and tollbooth. Obviously won't be super useful most matchups but with the return of grail I'm liking the 1 copy of it.