Niche Wall Trick v1.1 🧱 [6-1 / 17th @ APAC 2023]

lukifer 1241

"Talk to the wall βœ‹"

Updated iteration of this list, performed very well on the day; only loss was to EsΓ’, who played around our impenetrable servers by sabotage-milling us to 0 (44 is a blessing and a curse).

Favorite play of the tourney: Trick of Light to move counters from Hortum to boost a fresh Pharos directly to 3, buying the single turn I needed against Cleaver πŸ˜„

See the previous link for a full write-up; but TL;DR:, we're a slow-fast-advance, building a fortress with Wall to Wall, and then scoring at leisure with Trick of Light and Audacity, and the occasional honest remote score using Reduced Service, Border Control, and NAPD Cordon.

Mestnichestvo is unambiguously MVP: getting paid to steal 3 (or 6) feels good, man. Combos well with BC, and heavily punishes aggressive runners in the early game. (I suspect the deck folds to 3x Hush.)


-1: Slash and Burn Agriculture, NAPD Cordon

+1: Azef Protocol, Pharos

The list is mostly dialed-in; but while Slash and Burn did work on the day, I think the previous 1x Azef was better in the slot. We can cycle back FA pieces, but 3/2's can get scarce in the late game.

I also think 1x Cordon is plenty, and a 2nd Pharos, would help hedge against ICE being blanked by Trojans (don't be afraid to over-install, kids), while being generally strong in a post-Clippy meta.

My thanks to my lovely opponents, and to NSG, for an fun and friendly tournament! #IllSleepWhenImDead