Coyotes Down Under (1st at Perth Regional, 6-0)

raikhan 102

So ACME took down another regional. I won't go into too much detail as this deck is just slight variation on the hot ACME deck from Stockport by @BeNNyBiLL.

For the regional, I wanted to play a lobster-style tempo deck, but wasn't liking how hard it is to get runners to zero credits to keep them tagged for nice blowout kills. Enter ACME and Universal Connectivity Fee (hereafter, UCF). A remote of UCF-Data Ward is pretty much impenetrable without AI breakers or an employee strike. My bet was that the meta will be mostly Anarchs that decided to skip Aumakua. It turned out to be the case as 5 out of 6 games were against Anarch with no AIs. Further stroke of luck was that 4 out of 5 Anarch games were against MaxX, meaning no e-strike to worry about either.

Changes I made to the deck were intended to maximize UCF usage and help win the current war. Switching one High-Profile Target for Archived Memories and Consulting Visit adds a bit of consistency to a double HPT kill, as well as a bit more versatility (for example, getting a popped UCF from archives and putting it on top of a scoring remote again :)

This deck completely carried me to the win, as my Pirate Geist bombed (1-3). Another piece of good luck was to play most of my games in the cut as corp. All the games were exciting, especially in the cut. I'll just name two plays that stuck most with me:

1) In the winner's final, Nick ran through my wonderful UCF - UCF - Endless EULA remote with stimhack into SOT'd stimhack to stomp on my dreams of a quick victory. The game ended up 40 minutes long, he Levy'd twice and ran out of money, but not before the emotional roller-coaster of hitting Quantum Predictive Model out of HQ for the win and remembering that he was tagged.

2) In the second game of the final, Mike and I were staring at each other over a 4-advanced Reversed Accounts behind a UCF, waiting to see who blinks first.

Props to everyone who attended the final Perth Regional, was a helluva fun time, as always! :)

Obligatory GIF - MaxX meets UCF:

When MaxX meets UCF

7 Aug 2018 BeNNyBiLL

This was unexpected. Go go ACME 100% win rate meta!