Worm-Lock Geist

internet_potato 951

I took this deck to a respectable-but-not-impressive 8th place finish at Family Game Store's 2017-2018 SC. I'm pretty happy with how it did (2-2), and feel like its losses were reasonably close. I think this has very few bad match-ups at the moment (rushy FA), and the tech cards are rarely dead.

The deck is pretty standard Geist stuff. Aumakua + Dean Lister gives you Blackmail-level remote camping ability, Spy Camera with "Freedom Through Equality" gives you low-cost R&D pressure, and Legwork / Information Sifting give you HQ pressure that is effective against CI. Tapwrm with Sacrificial Construct and Peace in Our Time is awesome. I like it with Spy Camera as well, since you can peek at the top card before deciding to play PIOT.

I was expecting to see a mix of CI (7-point and rewiring kill), grind-y PU, and CTM. The CI matchup has Political Operative (sandburg, stinson, jeeves), Citadel Sanctuary, Information Sifting, and GS Sherman M3 (for Ashigaru). The CTM matchup has a good bit of link between Maxwell James, Forger, and the built-in link, with Citadel Sanctuary for meat damage prevention and Hunting Grounds for avoiding IP Block and Data Raven. For PU, I have Hunting Grounds and Mongoose to deal with Komainu, and Levy AR Lab Access to put more time on the clock.

Match 1: Win v. @basoon (Door-to-Door Making News)

Really tough match, and @basoon went on to win the SC. I was able to keep some solid link on board, use Forger to remove tags without losing tempo, and play "Freedom Through Equality" several times to clear D2D. After the game he said I was within a credit or two of getting BOOM'd several times, so I was happy to grind out the win.

Match 2: Win v. @strube (CI)

I had a very strong start with early Tech Traders, tapwrm/saccon, and Aumakua. I may have poached an agenda or two off the top of R&D, but won the Information Sifting coin flip for victory.

Match 3: Lose (flatline) v. @netjogging (CI)

I stole two agendas from R&D courtesy of Spy Camera. One of them was Show of Force, so I knew he was on kill-- but rather than digging for Citadel Sanctuary I tried to set up for an info sifting run. That was a mistake, he was closer to pulling off the fatal combo than I expected and he took me out.

Match 4: Lose (points) v. @junior_varsity (CI)

This was a really good game. He was able to tax me out fairly reliably with an FC3, FC2, FC3 remote, and scored out with an IA -> AAA play. He had a really clutch CVS purge at one point that shut down a turtle run and killed a tapwrm.

4 Dec 2017 kevintame

I like this deck and I don't play geist.