i own a brewery irl - 2nd place SC in Toronto

MaximumSushi 236

Here is a video tutorial on how to play this deck

This is a nice trap deck for you to play. BTW, I own a brewery in real life. I really like mushin no shin and traps. So, it makes sense for me to play this deck. It is also MWL 1.2 legal so that's nice for you.

This deck has 14 traps and many ways to recycle and fetch mushin. You should probably just mushin and then advance a thing whenever you can. That's what I'd recommend. Look at all those 3 pointers. Agenda density is very low. You can either try to score 3 agendas or 2 and putting a gene splicer into your score area. I would recommend playing your turns fast. If you deliberate, your opponent will try to read your actions! Just have fun with it though and do what you feel ;)

Oh yeah! You want to choose "THE BREWERY" as your Biotech ID. I would recommend getting three copies of "THE BREWERY" and sleeving up all of them. You can let your opponent choose your ID randomly or maybe look at the IDs and softly whisper to yourself about such considerations as "apocolypse" or "improved protein source." The mind games start before the cards are dealt! If you land 4 brain damage from a cerebral over-writer, you can flip your ID to kill your opponent. This can be turned off by feedback filter or employee strike. One smart deck-building option is to play two ""Clones Aren't Ppl"" instead of gene splicer. Then you can clear the employee strike and try again next turn. That card is a different way to score your 7 points. Personally, I liked the pace of scoring with gene splicer.

You can use the localized product line to get a lot of mushins into your hand. When they are used up, put them back in the deck or pick them back up with archived memories. Also, put your snares back in your deck. People hate snares!

Try to be careful of your credit pool, there isn't much money! Scoring or losing an SSL can really help you out. Here are my notes on managing your credit pool:

  • Don't ever go to zero you doofus! People will run your traps and you will lose. At least gene splicer and breached dome both work at 0 credits. You've got that at least.

  • Try really hard not to drop below 4! Snare and cerebral overwriter both need 4 credits to work. There are some situations too when you have to stay higher so you can threaten two different traps. That's a real bummer though.

  • Don't be scared to click for credits. Try to keep a nice, safe hand. Overdrawing and going to 3 cards in hand can be sometimes be really risky!

Here are some notes on other cards:

  • Genetics pavilion is a real pain. It is expensive to trash and makes it tougher for your opponent to score obokatas.

  • Ark lockdown is really good right now! You can use it to get rid of breakers or other good cards. If your opponent sees the ark lockdown, that's fine! They will have to play around it.

  • Film critic was in every runner deck I played. Luckily a film critic doesn't know how to review a junebug or snare very well. Hahaha. Putting voter intimidation in is a good idea depending on your meta. Don't play the other solution with the trace.

  • You can probably drop a piece of ice for something else like your last IPO or gene splicer. I would recommend dropping a komainu.

I have been playing mushin trap decks for a few years now. This is the same core idea as this deck right here but we have quite a few different cards. The score plan and kill plan is basically the same!

Please have fun when you play this deck and let me know what you think. Enjoy yourself.

25 Feb 2018 formerteen

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"great job " says garfield

27 Feb 2018 manveruppd

Liked in expectation of free beer! :p