[SOCRX] "Lady" "Kit" - Top 16

mbzrl 144

This is my runner deck for the tenth Stimhack Online Cache Refresh tournament. Its respectable start buoyed me to 2nd in swiss, and the deck ended with a record of 4-3.

I changed this deck a lot. Maybe I shouldn't have! I started with Refractor, Ghost Runners and Cloaks, and In The Groove to get everything out in a timely manner. Those pieces are all 1-cost so Khusyuk became the plan. I decided to change decks because Trickster Taka kept tagging me because I'm bad. Chisel was fun and fine and probably did not lose me any games. Also it was Bukhgalter before the finals.

As always this tournament was a lot of fun, and I'd recommend anyone join in on the fun next go of it. Thanks to Sanjay for hosting, and all my opponents for the fun games. See everyone in the next SOCR!