My First Weyland v2

archmage 81

This is an edited version of My First Weyland.

I replaced the GRNDL Refineries with NGO Fronts, and it's been working wonderfully! I also swapped out some agendas for SSL Endorsements, which has also been delightful.

Additionally, I shuffled some things around - Armed Intimidations in place of Private Security Forces since tags are good by themselves and I didn't have enough tag sources to get PSF working. I dropped an Ichi 1.0 to free up influence to replace Hadrian's Wall with Wall of Thorns. I also included a Reverse Infection since there's quite a virus meta in my local scene.

16 Mar 2018 BlackCherries

Don't forget to include tag punishment for your Armed Intimidation - one influence for a Closed Accounts is worth it! Nice deck.

16 Mar 2018 archmage

@BlackCherries Thank you! I think you're right, but I do want to see how Reverse Infection goes. If it flops, I'll replace it with Closed Accounts. I'm fairly happy with just the natural danger of tags being an avenue to resource removal, plus the mind games of people expecting tag punishment :P

I'm really tight on influence as it is, though! If not for that I'd slot CA right now.