Tarquin Laguna's Afternoon Stroll (3-2 Stevenage SC)

Rahrhino 130

So I wanted to play Crim but didn't want to play Geist. I didn't rank highly but I think this deck has some legs. Go ahead, make ludicrous quantities of money and stroll in wherever you like!

Game 1 vs reversed Stinson CI - win
This worked out well for me as my opponent was already floating a lot of credits (around 30) before they realised how much work tapwrm was doing. This allowed me to bounce back from a reversed accounts combo instantly. I then got an HQ lock with HQ interface and did a hail mary turning wheel run on R&D for the win.

Game 2 vs Batty Skorp - win
I was actually worried about the amount of Skorp at the tournament as it soft counters Steve. However, a well timed interdiction got me to match point which took the pressure off to allow me to money up, find my sac cons and remote lock for the win.

Game 3 vs Titan rush - loss
A Hortum locked me out of HQ early. I drew through 2/3 of my deck with Laguna but couldn't find either an Abagnale, Sneakdoor or a Special Order. Bad luck on my part but well played by my opponent exploiting various lines of FA.

Game 4 vs Mushin PE - loss
I ran a triple advanced Cerebral Overwriter early on... Lesson learnt; don't play tournaments with a hangover. Well played to my opponent for some fun bluffing!

Game 5 vs Aginfusion - Win
I got an early Laguna/Symmetrical Visage installed which was super fortunate. A fast track to get Nisei in hand allowed me to install a sneakdoor to find it. An Inside Job allowed me to bypass the Excalibur into the remote to steal a second Nisei. I then remote locked by installing Mammon and sitting on my Tapwrm.

I wasn't really sure what to expect going into the tournament. Hunting Grounds is very limited considering there was no NBN at all so this could be swapped out. I also question Symmetrical Visage - it's great early but dead late so not too reliable as a 1-of.

15 Apr 2018 Hacker Girl

I love that he gets called something new each time. xD