adquen 162

This is the Runner deck I took to my first ever tournament. Controlling the Message was my better deck the day, winning all four games (against Nero, Andy, Ken and Null).

It's a tuned down approach on the "standard" CtM. I couldn't find room for an Exchange of Information, so that win condition was lost and I concentrated more on FA with double Biotic/double Psychographics (together with the single San San City Grid you have available with one Core Set).


Big Box: Data&Destiny has GFI, and that alone makes it worth a look. Also, Breaking News is just a two-of in the Core Set, and picking 15 Minutes allowed me to still play three 2/1s. Its click-to-return ability proved actually quite useful. Other than that, there's additional economy with Launch Campaign, additional tag punishment with The All-Seeing I, additional tricks with Keegan Lane and good ICE with Resistor and Archangel. What's not to like!

Pack: I wanted to play both Jackson Howard and Project Beale, so the pack choice would be either Opening Moves or Future Proof. Opening Moves had only Cyberdex Trial, Future Proof had Midseason Replacements - I chose the latter. I think it was the right choice, both the ID ability and Raven are more a tax, so Midseasons was my only way to actually stick some tags on the Runner for a couple of turns (or made them go tag-me). Medium was quite a pain the day, but Archangel helped a little there.

Singleton: As I said, I wanted Project Beale. I think the agenda suite is actually quite sweet, especially for a deck. The Beale ability was relevant once, other then that he was just a blank 3/2. Which is exactly what I wanted. I've seen CtM lists that prioritize Sensie Actors Union over Beale, and I think that's a mistake (unless you also have EoI and 24/7, but then you give up Jackson). I wanted a way to actually score points even without the Runner being burried in tags, and to close out the game quickly as soon as the Runner decides to go tag-me. Without enough 3/2s, you are actually forced to score out in a remote over two turns, and that's a pain in decks like this.

ID: I expected a lot of Parasites, and I wanted an ID that can keep up with that. CtM can do that. In the end I faced all the Criminals in the field, none of the Shapers and only one Anarch, but the ability was useful nevertheless. In every game I had some undefended campaigns on the board for a at least a couple of turns, just because trashing them and clearing the tag was too expensive.


I'm actually quite happy with the deck, but it has a terrible weakness to Gingerbread. One of my opponents played Panchatantra + Gingerbread and only Tollboth kept me alive that matchup. I'm not sure how to change that. I would definitely play more Ice Walls if they wouldn't cost influence ... Also, a second Keegan Lane would have been sweet, but I don't know what to cut. I don't want to play less ICE, and all the other stuff was useful. Maybe News Team is the cut to make, it was the least useful card. It's anyway purely theoretical, as I don't think I will play this deck again soon. ;)