Spyware v2.1

Snake Eyes 4626


Gif source: valenberg.deviantart.com/art/virtuaverse-technomancers-625843278

Deck works by doubling down Reaver and Wasteland with Chop Bot 3000 or cards that can trash before the corp's turn is over such as Spy Camera, Sports Hopper or Hunting Grounds . All this card draw makes Faust a highly efficient breaker - with MKUltra and Black Orchestra to help against AI troublesome cards like Turing or Swordsman.

For a more in depth explaination of the nuances of how to play this deck, check the prior version.

Change log for this version:

29 Dec 2016 Dazm0

Keen to give this a try! Have had any issues against Wraparound given you have no Fracter now?

29 Dec 2016 Snake Eyes

Wraparound hasn't given me much trouble. It's less popular in the meta with Resistor and Vanilla printed now. You can still just break it with Faust for 4 cards anyway. 4 cards is kinda easier to get than 5 credits to install Paperclip from the heap and break, especially when you're loaded up on cards for the Apocalypse turn.

Or Endless Hunger can break Wraparound for 1 card fairly easily.

29 Dec 2016 WhackedMaki

I've been playing the previous version and have never wanted Endless Hunger once. I tend to find myself setting up the Faust+Reaver rig and not even wanting to Apoc either. How often do you find yourself actually using either of them.

30 Dec 2016 Snake Eyes

I Apoc about once a game, and it generally has a pretty huge effect. Usually I like to have some of the tools in my hand to set up again before I hit the apocalypse. Endless Hunger is only good against certain faction matchups, ones that like to use cheap binary ice are probably the main ones. I could see cutting down to a single Endless Hunger to make room for something else ... it's just that when it's good, it's back-breakingly good. When it's not, then you can just install it face down.

31 Dec 2016 Omadon

Just wondering if it'd be worth dropping one Spy Camera for a The Turning Wheel? I get that they have synergy together and are one of the main ways to trash in the opponent's turn and the degenerate bullshit that permits with Reaver and Wasteland. Given the amount of card draw though it feels like a one of would be pretty easy to find. Thoughts?

31 Dec 2016 Omadon

Hell. Maybe a Special Order over one of the Faust just to free up the influence and potentially hunt out other stuff in a time of need? Déjà Vu might achieve the same sort of thing as another 2 inf slot.

31 Dec 2016 Snake Eyes

Yeah I like special order in this. I could see cutting down a Faust for one. Turning wheel is ok for multiaccess... I tried it earlier... I feel like you want to dedicate 2 slots with it for multiaccess, so that'd be sacking 1xspycam, 1xFaust 1xspecial order 2xThe Turning Wheel, then losing like an endless hunger or a brain cage.

31 Dec 2016 Omadon

Actually. Thinking about it - Chop Bot 3000 is probably a better source of redundancy than the Spy Camera. Not sure how but I'd got it into my head that they let you trash in the opponent's turn. Tbh though I've been out for a little while and apparently Tags are all the rage right now so I am fully willing to accept that I'm wildly underestimating their usefulness.

1 Jan 2017 jdietz43

It's really fun! But having to choose between maintaining both your Reaver and Faust and having memory left for Endless Hunger was a bit of a dampener.

The way I played it I also didn't feel inclined to Apocalypse after having the entire setup built, but that may have been a mistake as I'm not experienced in Apex: Invasive Predator.

1 Jan 2017 Frogblast

I've been running with +1 Freedom through equality, +2 Magnum Opus, -1 Faust, -1 Spy camera, -1 apocalypse. I rarely ever use conspiracy breakers and ditch reavers if needed. Normal rig is Opus, Faust, dual Reavers. Freedom and Spycams are the best combo, just make sure no jackson are on board.

Opus is to money up against durdle corps.

4 Jan 2017 Dkarpoj

Super fun and solid. Deck needs On The Lamb to stop breaking news destruction of wasteland. Tech's well with reaver amd wasteland as welll.

1 Feb 2017 slk

How has prey been working for you? have you been finding useful or just end up playing it face down?

1 Feb 2017 Dkarpoj

As a silver bullet it works well and gain draw when needed. Without any good tag avoidance i have had a few games where wastelands get trashed and econ engine never gets going.... Losing a faust does hurt consistency but with the draw engine running it has been ok most games.