I literally copied my Euros list but substituted Khusyuk in

Evilpyro24 136

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I liked the pack 5 meta of Euros. Khusyuk is a Good Card. There's lots of 3-cost things in the deck already and you need a DDM replacement. Took it to a GNK and won all games I played as runner.

Game 1 vs AgInfusion Went to time, landed the Khusyuk just as time was called to put me ahead on points. Sorry @kikai.

Game 2 vs Outfit Applied pressure to R&D, kept up on money, and ran second click against a remote that I suspected was protected by Border Control for the winning agenda. It was, but bad pub allowed me to run in a second time.

Game 3 vs Outfit Win vs @saintis. Can't really remember this game, to be honest. Sorry man!

2 Apr 2019 Saintis

I got to 5 points with Reduced Service pressure and lost 1 agenda to Maw and 1 to Khusyuk. Maw hit both Audacity and then the Atlas preveting an FA win, then you managed to steal the last agenda with Khusyuk. Close game :)

4 Apr 2019 Evilpyro24

That's the one. Yeah, great, very close game!