gencon val (10th, NA Champs)

stoppableforce 575

Start with America Val. Take out the Hippo, put in a CV. Turn Maxwell #2 into Turning Wheel #2. Turn Aumakuas into Laamb + SOT. These decisions were all good.

Turntable for Patchwork? Questionable. Honestly I didn't like either one. Turntable would've done exactly nothing all day, but Patchwork fired maybe three times all day. Maybe not worth using a console at all in this deck, getting back a slot for Retrieval Run for the spice card.

Played The Outfit (W), Mti (W), PU (W), CTM (W, and the only time I have ever beaten foilflaws on CTM to boot), NEH (L), CI (W), and then didn't play Gagarin because my last round was a 241 that ended up just locking me in 10th (I was 10th before it, and 10th after, because 4th through 13th place were all 10-4).

Put Laamb in your anarch decks. Yes, you'll occasionally lose it to Inject, but you'd be surprised. It beats trap ice but without the autotag from IP Block, and you'd be surprised how many ice on the day were cheaper to break with Laamb than with sh*tty bin breakers. (Actually, you probably wouldn't.)