AMERICA VAL - 1st at Preston and Manchester

FoilFlaws 1110

Lord Nelson! Lord Beaverbrook! Sir Winston Churchill! Sir Anthony Eden! Clement Attlee! Henry Cooper! Lady Diana! Chris Dyer - can you hear me, Chris Dyer! Your boys took one hell of a beating! Your boys took one hell of a beating!


The UK is a country full of jokers and let me come and take down 2 regionals, back to back.


This Val only lost 1 game over 2 regionals, the only changes made were I was on 2 Hippo for the first regional over the third Stimhack but this list is clearly superior (to anything in the UK). It also got 2nd at the Cleveland Regional with some more changes but America is clearly better and tougher competition.


1 Jul 2018 robotmascot

#emojispam looks on with fear

2 Jul 2018 tonybluehose

These are some of the largest shots fired I've ever seen. 'Merica.

2 Jul 2018 neuropantser

that country has a family

2 Jul 2018 yeoda

All of a sudden I feel like celebrating the 4th early.


2 Jul 2018 onibaku06

Awesome deck, and congrats on the win. Love the flavor too.

2 Jul 2018 timfast

you'll pay for bringing Atlee into this

2 Jul 2018 knails

This changes nothing. Val is still a runner for chumps, Maxx for lyfe.

It was a pleasure having you here. Congrats

3 Jul 2018 massisi

They truly made America great again.

Well played, was great to meet you!

3 Jul 2018 FoilFlaws

I thought I would add some real netrunner talk to this:

My mulligan rule for this was simple, keep any hand with Inject or Zer0. The draw is that important and you draw into economy. The only caveat is CTM, where challenging an early Rashida/Bankers/ARES is important so I look for some combination of E-Strike, Dirty Laundry and Sure Gamble.

For Zer0, get used to losing things like Stimhack and Indexing and recognize the situations where you need these cards and where you can let them go. If you're sure Indexing/Mad Dash is the game winning line, don't Zer0 while you have those. This is typically only relevant late game, early game just play the Indexing first or be okay with losing it to Zer0.

Changes from R&R: I am going to drop the Hippo for sure and I want to add a 2nd TTW, Divide and Conquer and a third Clan Vengeance. I am not sure what I would remove but that's what I want to test.