Turtle Sunny [4-2 Warsaw Regionals]

rsh 49

Emergent Creativity: best spent 10 inf in my life. You can easily threaten a remote T1 given a decent opening hand, and if you already plopped your Nexus just tutor for turtle/a cloud breaker.

Deep Data Mining: doesn't require a combo like Divide and Conquer and gives you wins that you didn't deserve.

Globalsec Clearance: predictably sucks, was included as a meta call against various flavors of PU card mill for a safe R&D lock. Instead came up as a dead draw in almost every game.

Aumakua: blows through ice that would stop Nexus, while Nexus+Jak make charging it a breeze. In NBN matchups just don't install it, then laugh at IP Blocks with your 4+ link.

Turning Wheel: games didn't last long enough for it to fire :(

Peace in Our Time: Sunny prefers both players being rich to both players being poor. Probably x3 is a good call.

EDIT: The tournament version had -2 Dirty Laundry, +1 Freedom Through Equality, +1 The Shadow Net. Neither was used but more testing is needed.