Child of a Yellow Sun (6th Malaysian Regionals)

sigma83 293

The Sun never sets on the Weyland Consortium

...although I admit, there was a period post-rotation where big blue really suffered from losing Curtain Wall and Oversight AI. I went through a multitude of builds, but nothing truly clicked - until Reign and Reverie released. Building Blocks and Too Big to Fail were the econ kickstarts the deck needed to truly come back into the big time.

Hard-Hitting News combined with other kill options is out in favor of the much harder to avoid SEA Source and Exchange of Information combo. The only foil Sea Source has is Forger so if they have a Global Food Initiative and you have a scored 2/1 or 2/0, hello points!

The 2x Archived Memories is sooo comfortable. I love being able to use the bin as a secondary source of cards. High-Profile Target is a 1x include just to keep the runner from getting too tag-friendly and the last minute change to 3 NGO Front was absolutely the correct call. Corporate Town and Executive Boot Camp was me guessing that the #1 R&D attack card would be Turning Wheel and Indexing, and I was right.

Hadrian's Wall is actually super quality in this deck because it's so hard to break especially when advanced, the reason Chiyashi is slightly more valuable is because the facecheck value is incredibly high and it dunks on decks running Amuakua (which is apparently all of them lol.) Oduduwa is a decent 1x to hard stop the runner but I feel like a 3rd Mausolus might be better overall.

I really really want 2 Preemptive Action but have no idea what to cut. The Standoffs are non-negotiable includes because of the prevalance of Employee Strike and the fact that Exchange is the primary way to get around the infamous Weyland 5 point stall.

Changes might go with -1 Hadrian's +1 Chiyashi -1 Oduduwa +1 Mausolus -1 Archived +1 Preemptive Action just because I want to punish Aumakua more and 2x Preemptive is incredible for just grinding the runner out - ever since Opus was restricted and Tapwrm removed, runner econ tends to stall out after about 20 turns.

But anyway, I'm so happy this ID is back, and in a BIG way. Bathe in the light of the yellow sun, and be re-energized.

2 Sep 2018 crushedguava

the title of this deck got anything to do with this ah?

3 Sep 2018 sigma83

@crushedguava nah it's a Superman reference