DJs Wanted (4-5 at Worlds 2018, 55th place overall)

Ghost Meat 469

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Nothing too out of the ordinary here, except for that seeing Career Fair provides me more dopamine than about any other card, so its an easy 3-of, and that I love Steve Cambridge's ability so much that I want him around for the party. Steve and Omar pair exceptionally, so once Fenris and Rebirth come out, it's a real good time, especially against Obokata decks. I did not pack any other G-Mods in my deckbox for this tournament, as Steve is the best. Consider him hired.

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Wins were against Mti, Acme, and Mti. Losses were against Argus, CTM, CTM, and CTM. CTM showed up in a way I did not expect at this tournament, and I was rusty playing against it. Technically, its record was 3-4, as one match was a 241, in which I played corp. Seeing three CTMs made me deeply regret cutting a third Mining Accident. Would swap out Retrieval Run for it if I could do it all over again.