Tree Frog (3-0 1st at Saint-Petersburg H1 Circuit Opener)

Amarum 141

I like frogs, do you?

This is deck attempting to doing like Kabonesa Wu: Netspace Thrillseeker with World Tree. I like Coalescence and it's flexibility.

Main gameplan is setup World Tree ASAP.

Mulligan for decent econ cards and tutor (Self-modifying Code or Muse).

Second target after you setup the Tree — froggy drawing system. Additional memory solution in this deck is DZMZ Optimizer for early game (unfortunately not all your breakers you can just treeing) and Cyberdelia for late game.

Then you just running and setuping corp favorite doom rig.

Resource chain:

Dr. Nuka Vrolyck 1 counter -> Earthrise Hotel

Telework Contract 3 -> Daily Casts

Daily Casts 2 -> brand new Daily Casts

Miss Bones for annoying asset spam (leave 1 cred on it to treeing it to some econs stuff.

Some pretty flower for early accesses and annoying ice.

There is a different wincons. Burner for some HQ pressure, Cataloguer and Trick Shot for R&D. Also I suppose to put Stargate is deck, but it's kinda winmore, idk, switch it for another Physarum Entangler or maybe Bravado :P

Thank you Saint-Petersburg community for keep going. And ofc thanks to xiaat.

26 May 2024 Mortivor

Nice frog. Awesome balls.