Physarum Entangler

Physarum Entangler 0[credit]

Program: Virus - Trojan
Memory: 1 • Strength: -
Influence: 3

Install only on a piece of ice.

Whenever you encounter host ice, if it is not a barrier, you may pay 1[credit] for each subroutine it has. If you do, bypass that ice.

When the Corp purges virus counters, trash this program.

It finds a route, eventually.
Illustrated by Ed Mattinian
Decklists with this card

Rebellion Without Rehearsal (rwr)

#82 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)

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Compare: Femme Fatale × Botulus

Flavor: This slime-mold can ooze through the pores in ice, or find its way along the walls of a maze, but it cannot ooze through the walls themselves. (Not all EtR ice are Barriers, but all Barrier ice can EtR.)


  • Femme Fatale: also a “subcount-taxed bypasser” (Whenever you encounter the chosen ice, you may pay [$1] for each subroutine it has. If you do, bypass it.).
  • Botulus: also punishes low-subcount host-ice (and also is Virus - Trojan).
  • Ika: a “Host-Sentry breaker” (Killer - Trojan).
  • Savant: a “non-Barrier breaker” (Killer - Decoder).

Note that it counts subroutines (ignoring strength), and that it says is not a barrier (not is a sentry or code gate, affecting Mythic/etc ICE too).

Femme-like Bypassing” is especially powerful against low-subcount ICE with higher strength or harsher on-encounter triggers. For example:

  • You can skip “when encountered” triggers, including those adding subroutines/subtypes while only paying for the printed subroutines (e.g. bypass Starlit Knight for $2, even if you have ∞ tags; or bypass Loki for just $1, even if there's a rezzed Barrier), as well as those unbreakably punishing you (e.g. bypass Tollbooth or Funhouse for just $1).

And immobile trojans (unlike Hush) obviously synergizes with trojan-rehosting (like Spree?) or ice-exposure (like 419?) effects, as well as undermining ice-rezzers. For example:

Physarum (via Latin from Greek «φυσάριον» (physarion, “small bellows”) are slime-molds.

They studied slime molds and their abilities to solve mazes by placing nodes at two point separated by a maze of plastic film. The mold explored all possible paths and solves it for the shortest path.


(Rebellion Without Rehearsal era)