Valencia (19th at KoS Magnum Opus)

Klopstock 575

Dome built this list (and played it in both KoS and main event). Since I was the Anarch of my team and wanted to take a break from Maxx, I played the list too. The list itself was good, but I didn't play it too well.

Game 1 versus Nick Hansen (nmh) on 6-Agenda-Azmari: I had a good start, going up to six points relatively quickly, but then I lost steam. I gambled a little when Stimhacking his Remote to clear out a Bio Vault, but miscalculated, whiffed and consequently lost the game when I didn't find another Agenda on a couple of R&D accesses (totally fair, I didn't many accesses), while his remote was unassailable.

Game 2 versus Tim Bunn on Mushin PE: Luckily, I had terrificy next to me. Without looking at my opponent, he could tell me which cards were Agendas and which were traps, just from the play patterns my opponent used. I snatched one Agenda from the board, then proceeded to win on centrals.

Game 3 versus Aaron Andries (aandries) on Grind Palana: This game was brutal. I made one mistake when I dug too long for my Paperclip, wasting valuable hit points. But in the end, I don't think it would have made much of a difference, as I was on 0 points at the end of the game, so the around ten hit points I wasted there were quite the misply, but most likely would not have won me the game.

Game 4 versus Jonathan on Mushin PE: Again, Jakob was a great help. He did not sniff out a Ronin ('I don't know man, do what you want'), but when Jonathan's board threatened a win I Injected for some hit points, ran (and trashed it) and then proceeded to hit centrals for the win.

Game 5 versus Russel Mortishire-Smith (tolaasin) on Jammy Sportsmetal: This game was really sad for me. I had an okay start, he rushed pretty well with an early Remote Enforcement, but I managed to Hippo the Tollbooth he fetched with it. Because our other game was very long (I should have conceded that game twenty minutes earlier in hindsight) we went to time and I made an unexplainable misplay. I installed my Turntable, ran R&D with the Turning Wheel, found a Hyperloop and promptly forgot the Turntable. This allowed him to win 7-3. Had I remembered, we would have tied the game on 5-5. I felt really bad, but Russel was a real gentleman and cheered me up afterwards.

As I said, the list is a pretty standard (and good) Val list, with Hippo as spice in the flex slots, which was a good call. I am just more used to Maxx.