Belgian Nats 2018

roeiboot4 105

The List I took to Belgian Nats with the sole goal of being best Sunny. It didn’t work out. Office Supplies looks great on paper: pay 1/2 to draw 4, but without other draw support from process automation and build script, it cannot pull its weight. Similarly, tHe black hat divide and conquer combo look superb on paper, with added support from the turning wheel, yet I managed only 5 points in one game off of it. Still, even though it’s not competitive, it is a whole lot of fun to say “drip 4” or “drip 5, draw 2” every couple minutes.

24 Sep 2018 Cpt_nice

You could have added Deuces. Only one influence and synergy with Turtle. Also with that many expensive resources, Career Fair would probably have served you well. I do agree Divide and Conquer is a lot stronger in theory than in practice. I dont even run 1 in my deck. Influence is better spend elsewhere. Good on you for repping Sunny tho.