Mti Money 6:1 at Worlds

5N00P1 618

This deck was running 6:1 at Worlds Day 1A, with a time loss in round 1. Would my runner deck be similar successful ..... ;-)

I combined some deck that I have seen being successfully and tried to include Architect to have something impactfull and kind of cheap if they run into it early on.
The Agenda Suit is a bit different, I decided to skip Philotic Entanglement and replace it with Corporate Sales Team as money is always good. As long as I'm not in the top cut and they see my list, this is not an issue and they will assume I'm running Philotic and might feel the need to check...
All the economy helps to rez you expensive ICE and it worked out well.

Mumbad City Grid allows you to only rez one ICE and the runner needs to break it multiple times. It's crazy as long as they are unprepared. Even D4 is not an answer. You can use DNA Tracker, Anansi or Surveyor for this, and sometimes even Thimblerig just for early game tax. Usually you want a rezzed Thimblerig on the server on the 2nd outmost position, so even when they jack out you are still able to swap the tax ICE with Thimblerig.
And of course only run 2 NGO, so they are never sure it's an NGO or not...
You need to rush out to 4 points asap, when you manage to do this, you are very close to victory.
The tech against that, that I have seen (but not faced): Ika, System Seizure and Turntable is a pain.