Blue Patches - IKoS2018 first place & top Criminal

koga 710

I recently found out that it's very easy to get shot in Italy, therefore I could not bring the Liza deck I really liked to the italian King of Servers.
Everyone likes kill decks around here.
I had to find another interesting deck, because I didn't want to play Apoc, which is almost the norm nowadays. It was a week before the tournament that I remembered the deck I was trying to build for the last Regional, so I pulled the old unrefined list and adjusted it a bit, and it definitely performed going 4-1.

This is what I ended up with, and you can watch it being played in 3 different rounds:

Round 3 vs GaijinJess: YouTube

Round 4 vs Ar00nDELL: YouTube

Round 5 vs Saan: YouTube

So... Cambridge Patchwork, here we go!

I've heard people talk about the good old PPVP Kate days (I started playing more seriously a bit after that) and from what I understood this deck should give you a similar feel.
Just trash a card from hand and play that sweet Deuces for 3$ and 2 cards, Gamble for 6$, Laundry for net 5$ or install resources ignoring Scarcity / at a lower cost.
The good thing about Steve is that you can trash any card and get it back later.
It's also totally ok to trash Siphons and Embezzles to play money/draw cards while waiting for breakers to show up, run HQ after a while and let the corp remove them in order to get other cards back, cause noone wants to give you Siphon back.
Sometimes you may also trash a 2nd copy of a card you have in the bin and in the following clicks force the corp to give you the discarded copy back.
It may not sound like much, but remember how there was one card that gave you 2$ a turn at the cost of removing one card from the heap and it got banned? Well, this is not the same, but if you play around it well enough it gets really close to it.

The rest of the deck is quite straightforward: play breakers, money and draw cards, Special Orders, Inside Jobs, some multi access that works with Sneakdoor and some tricks to help you against decks that don't want to ice HQ.

Hunting Grounds for The barrier + Lustig for The sentries are the most debatable card choices in my opinion, the rest is simply good stuff.

I like the deck as it is now, but I should also say that over the course of the event I played against 4(!) Sportsmetals and 1 Asa, so I can't really say that this deck is Good in general, it could have been a matter of matchup.
The only loss comes from the game against Saan, who is likely to be the best player in Italy right now, so I'm definitely happy.

Try this out and let me know what you think!

p.s. Huge thanks to Darta again for the wonderful event, all the players I faced and all the ones I didn't get a chance to play against, getting 52 players all together in Italy is definitely not something we see all days.

Thanks to Late for the recordings.

p.p.s. Here's my Corp list. Enjoy!

Always be Running

~ Koga

17 Oct 2018 Saan

Saan, who is likely to be the best player in Italy right now


Good call on not bringing Liza; frickin everyone was indeed on Murder. Thanks again for the games! Both your decks were awesome, and you still almost had me on the Steve game.

17 Oct 2018 koga

Both your decks were awesome, and you still almost had me on the Steve game.

Thanks a lot, this really means a lot to me!

I hope we'll be able to play some more again soon. It's been a lot of fun and (maybe) I'll be able to beat you someday :P