No-Ship-Ko v3

ComradeCoheed 9

1st at Spokane Circuit Opener 2-1 Win - PE, MirrorMorph Loss - AzMari

After debating about playing Adam for ages my friend and I decided to switch decks, I took this Hoshiko I was gonna give him and he played Bankhar Adam.

I knew stock hoshiko was still an insane shell but struggled with both finding good cards to spend influence on and the issue of too much MU spent.

Attempted a version with Keiko but felt that the companions besides Poemu wasn't good enough and liked Paragon alongside DreamNet. Twinning also fixes the issue of too much MU. After that it was just tweaking until I had enough cards to go with Twinning.

It was a blast to organize the CO, massive massive thank you for everyone who came out (especially the portland players that drove all this way for some Netrunner.) Can't wait to get out and play in more events :D