Liberty Tempo NEH (2nd in Hungarian Nationals)

Longi 1550

This is the deck that I took to Hungarian Nationals in Budapest. As the theme of the tournament was the statue of liberty placed in Budapest I wanted to bring something to honour the idea. And of course I wanted to play the super cool Lady Liberty participation promo card. The deck is my variation of Tempo NEH posted by@leachrode. It performs well enough when you get this thing rolling but if the runner is rich, methodical and patient enough to go for your crucial assets, you are in trouble. But this is general problem of every asset spam deck so no complaints there. I also admit that I did not do as much practice with it as it required. Also, early Hacktivist Meeting could actually determine the course of the whole game as happened to me in the final game. But my opponent played very well anyway, so he fully deserved the victory. I would also thank very much to organizers who did tremendous work, especially regarding the price pool. Unfortunately, they were not lucky enough to get the official kit but I dare to say they did even better. And as always, it was blast to play in Budepast as the guys are awesome.