Excal Cheese Ain't Back (3-2 at London Regional)

swabl 387

Excalibur moved to unrestricted

Heck yeah time to shove the Mti shell I used to really enjoy into AgInfusion and hope that's good!

Spoiler alert: it was kinda underwhelming

This list is fairly self-explanatory; score agendas by landing the Excalibur sub with Marcus Batty if need be and use Nisei MK II, Border Control, AgInfusion's ability or Marcus Batty to end the run.

Macrophage was the only real spice in this list. Aumakua is your natural enemy and this ICE just messes it right up. And it was relevant on multiple occasions! Heck, maybe even won me a game! The good part is that even if its not relevant in the matchup, you can still use it as AgInf boop fuel.

All that said, this never quite felt strong enough. To be fair, I did play against 4 Vals and a MaxX (2 reg Vals, 1 Apoc Val, 1 Bendy Val and MaxX was Australian) and boy, AgInfusion really hates Hippo! I also barely used Hippo's ability all day, so I think this basic idea would've been better in Palana - I certainly could've done with more money.

Some of it was due to unfavourable variance (helloooo agenda flood) and there was a game by all rights I should have lost (helloooo agenda flood but the runner kept missing when accessing from HQ) but if you can't setup your scoring server properly you struggle to score, and your econ can really suffer when you inevitably have to rez big ICE... this shell fared a lot better in Mti for a reason.