Monty Python and the Spam Tram (3rd in Swiss at LaserRunner)

Cpt_nice 808

Oh, I get it

This deck got me to the 3rd place in Swiss at Jakuza's (who is an absolute beast btw and who I can't thank enough for organising this great event) LaserRunner event. The deck went 4 - 2 in Swiss and lost in the top cut, which says more about my piloting skills than the deck, which was based on the Tempo NEH list that has been winning stuff left and right.

Now anyone who knows me personally, is aware that...

wait for it

Which is true, but I kinda felt like trying this list out for the sake of it, because I have been a bit down on Azmari lately. Definitely a one time venture though.

There isn't a whole lot to say about the deck, I probably made it worse by adding the Franchise Cities but I liked its meme potential and it gave me a whole 3 points over 7 games. Other people have played it better than me, I enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and getting a top spot at a lovely event with it, but I will leave the spamming to the experts. You people know who you are. I am back to building 6 ice deep servers with Jinja.

Especially by those I play casual games with