KitSucker (SOCR8)

EnderA 487

This was definitely the stronger of my two SOCR8 (Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 8) decks. It remained essentially unchanged throughout the tournament, and it earned most of my wins.

Stimhack is amazing. Having 3 copies is very strong, although weak against an Armed Intimidation deck unless you're packing Crash Space. My best games started with SMC + Stimhack for Engolo. I'm always happy to draw Stimhack. 9 credits from one card that doesn't even necessarily "take" a click is really really good. Being able to use those credits to install expensive cards is nuts.

A lot of the best breakers have poor boosting stats (or no boosting stat in the case of Atman.) Datasucker fills that niche, usually saving you 2c per counter, sometimes more with Atman. Dinosaurus is questionable, but fills a similar role. It's great with Inti, it's great with Engolo since you'll be turning things into code gates, and it's great with Femme Fatale. Draw order doesn't matter very much since it works with all three breakers, and you don't need to install all breakers until late game with Kit and Engolo.

Atman saves you a lot of money, especially paired with Datasucker. It's extremely difficult for the corp to play around, particularly in a limited card pool. You do want to predict the right number, but you can usually wait for a while abusing Engolo + Kit to get through ICE. Usually strength 3 or 4 is the right choice, but I've picked 1, 2 and 5 on occasion.

Ika is basically a pseudo-Faerie to pair with Femme. You don't need more than one. Femme is great versus Data Raven, Tollbooth, Surveyor, Komainu, and more. Note that it works against Code Replicator.

The lone Clone Chip helps in case they run some sort of weird rigshooter, but mostly is there so you don't feel bad about pitching breakers you don't need now but might want later (Atman and Femme are much better later), either on purpose or from Stimhack.

PAD Tap is good, but Kit is very limited on Influence, so I think you can cut them if you have a better use. They are usually trashed by the corp, but sometimes the corp lets them go and they are 0-cost drip. Azmari is the optimal matchup for them, letting you profit off their ability on your own turn. You could invest more into Fall Guy to protect them if you want, but again, influence is limited.

Changes I would make:

Possible cuts: PAD Taps, -1 Datasucker, -1 Atman. Often I ditch an early drawn Atman because I don't know what their ice suite is yet, and I don't need more than one Datasucker at a time.

Possible adds: Crash Space against Weyland or other Punitive, Crowdfunding for perma-drip, Falsified Credentials against glacier, a second Engolo to lean less heavily on SMC, more Modded for generic econ, and/or more Indexing for more pressure. Maybe Laamb if you expect Endless EULA in Azmari or some ultra advanced Masvingo in Tennin, but 2 MU is a tough sell.