Snek Khumalo

Manta 21

A version of Beyoken's Exploring Khumalo 5 refitted for my snek draft. Went 4-2, thought one of the losses was to a CtM deck that I think was situationally out of my control to beat. Great fun, obviously won't do amazing in bog standard format but was a powerhouse in Swiss given the limitations players dealt with from the format.

Cards like Dirty Laundry and Daily Casts being taken meant that I had to resort to some interesting alternative economy with cards like Human First and Tri-Maf.

Xanadu is an extremely underrated card that helped me win many of my games. don't underestimate the power this card has in a meta with ice to keep the corp poor and mess with his math. A no brainer with Career Fairs. Employee Strike was drafted to deal with CTM, Blue Sun, Palana, and PU IDs which scared me during draft. Feel free to replace it with more economy if you want to play this deck in standard.

Quite a bit of fun, I was very happy with the deck and pleasantly surprised. Placed 2nd or 3rd overall for runners out of 14 I believe.