Canonically Correct CtM - 2nd at UK Nationals

Nemamiah 3641

Ignore the list that Tim published and won with; that's an aberration and probably only did well because of the rogue deck factor. Skip over the deck that Seamus has shared, which is better but still contains a number of questionable card choices.

When Netrunner historians meet in a hundred years time, this is the list that they will discuss as the definitive CtM deck prior to the last MWL of 2018. Each card has been carefully considered, lovingly and individually tested and scrupulously evaluated before being assembled in to this deck, which wasn't built so much as it was crafted. In future generations, this may well be considered a work of art.

Real Talk: this represents an embarrassing failure of The Process, in that two of us assumed we were already on the same list and the third decided that we were wrong and willingly went off list. All that proves is that we hadn't actually discussed and thought about this enough, but we were very confused about runner.

Anyway, I still think this version is right because Tollbooth gives you a way to actually win when the runner decides to let both players just get rich, and also boosts your matchup against combo Anarchs that have skimped on being able to actually break ice.

Cutting a Calibration Testing for DBS is probably as much a play style thing as anything; it's possible that I tend to lean on it more than Tim or Seamus. The key determiner, for me though, is that you only really need one DBS up and running but you often want to see as many Calibration Testings as possible throughout the game. Only having two also reduces the mystique of what's in the remote, especially when decklists are shared in the cut.

Anyway, Tim won.

30 Aug 2018 Vortilion

I dont understand how to play CTM... Especially how to get Commercial Bankers Group to work. They are ALWAYS sniped by the runner... ALWAYS.

31 Aug 2018 TKO

@Vortilion CTM is a tempo deck. If you spend 1 click to install bankers and they immediately kill it, they spend a click to run, 2 to trash and another click and 2 to clear the tag. You come out way ahead and now you probably hard hitting news them into the ground and say gg.

Ctm is also about forking the runner. No matter what they do, it’s good for you.

3 Sep 2018 Vortilion

I'll keep on trying, thx for the info @TKO!