Chronos Protocol: Complete Mind-mapping

Shub 46

This idea brewed in my mind. I think it can be quite effective and kill some runners or win if they hesitate to not get their minds mapped. It needs some more testing though, but i guess the card choices are on the right way. You could cut a Yagura or both for something more beefy - or swap a Crisium Grid for an Ice Wall if you think 13 ICE is too less.


But in an Order now, you are running 6 three pointers cause you want to get one in the runners point area to be able to fire a Complete Image.

The House of Knives is quite good when sneaked out early to make precise damage, take a look at their hand for targeted marketing or if possible beefy things with an unexpected Saisentan.


Oh. Snares :)


I fulfill the conditions for an alliance with Weyland and NBN. The Consulting Visit is great for pretty many things of course - to set up an agenda via Mushin No Shin, even to get an agenda via the Fast Track if needed. But mainly it is copy 4,5 and 6 of Complete Image. Salems Hospitality though is to reduce the handsize more without loosing the proc of your ID - It can also be tutored via Consulting Visit if needed or blindly fired if Anarchs still think things aren't so worse. The Too Big to Fail is to get in critical credit range even if bankrupted. Also i just recognize the reason i thought, hey you can play it via Consulting Visit to be able to play Complete Image last click is quite invalide, cause then you could also just click 2x for credits :( -- So Weyland influence could be changed... Maybe one copy of Under the Bus to deal with Whistleblowers and stuff... and then you could upgrade one 1-Influence card to a Punitive Counterstrike or something also i dont think that relying on being economically ahead is reliable here... Mushin No Shin is used to create threats of scoring points. If it is used on an Obokata Protocol at a good time it is scored or should create a good opportunity to kill the runner...


Crisium Grid is good against several cards and Its Weyland Influence. C.I Fund was earlier in my mind to provoke early runs against a Saisentan, but Crisium Grid is the more stable card of course.


Not so much place left for ICE Kakugo to trigger your ID when they want to access the Server Yagura because I really like this little ICE in Chronos Protocol, its of course a sad ICE against the turtle. But for the Turtle we got Swordsman! The Saisentan can be very punishing if there is no killer available but maybe predictable for runners to search for a killer against Jinteki....

My english is a bit out of common use, i pledge to apologize crippled sentences.

I think I'm into something with this. Hurray, lets chart some minds