A day at the beach on Mars

Diogene 3057

Relax and enjoy this. Work and fun can be done at same time.

First watch the news at the hotel, paid by the job of course, you can then go play some games and take some supplies, you might need it.

Anyways, your assistant is always ready and even help you get some much needed rest in cyberspace. But sometime, you gotta do some work and check on the forums and intranet if something need your urgent attention.

While doing some laundry, you've notice that there might troublesome reporters nearby. But since you are never at home, you don't have to worry.

Works always comes back however. Throw off the problem by tipping some union leaders and jump into the fray with your gears. If there is resistance, you can deploys the cyber dolls. Those funky littles ladies just love what you feed them.

But you would much rather enjoy being at the beach! There, you can really enjoy yourself and do some snorkeling. Life under the domes is pleasant, and the food is so good here. La vie est belle!

day at the beach under the dome

Game plan : Put some pressure and find those agendas with Deep Dive. While you build your rig, you can check out R&D for any value with Globalsec Security Clearance.

Mulligan plan : you want money early.