Lakkari Sacrifice Wulock (1st at Brighton SC)

Frost 352

Cards are for ditching to Stimhack after all.

Wu is maybe the most fun runner deck in all of netrunner

Proud to be the one shaper rep at Brighton SC, and especially with a deck that's such a blast to play!

Unlike my corp deck, I brought this one because I really enjoy playing it. You have so much control over the tempo of the game, with the ability to build up when nothing's going on, then sudden bursts of credits when the need arises, and the ability to apply pressure when the corp's left a hole in their ice.

Its good matchups are rush decks, where you can find your breakers really easily with Stimhack + Wu, but it struggles against glacier decks with taxing ice that can just put a Slot Machine or News Hound in front of R&D and then continue on its way. Unfortunately, the poor position of the deck against the meta really bit me and I ended up going 4-3 overall. 2 losses against 6 agenda Azmari, and 1 timed loss against Argus, but it was looking good when time ran out.

The Tricks of the Trade

The core conceit is to take your time building up a drip econ with Rezekis thanks to Wu's ability + Rejig or Scavenge. Using these cards is a much smaller hit to your tempo than trying to Stimhack them out with SMCs. You save your Stimhacks to contest remotes and to find your breakers as a "just in time solution". If you use up your SMCs too early, it becomes much harder to be able to threaten the remote.

The only multi-access in the entire deck is the one Stargate, and, thanks to Wu's ability, it's all the deck needs. Whenever you spot an opening, you can find it (with either SMC or a Rejig/Scavenge) and punish the corp by locking R&D. If the corp durdles too long, you should gear up to start an R&D lock so they can't force you to play their remote game.

The end-game rig consists of your Leprechaun hosting your Engolo and Stargate, your other breakers, and a combination of Rezeki, D4v1d, and Clot, depending on the matchup.

The Leprechaun is incredibly important and proper utilization of it is a must. MU is a real problem, especially when you have three 2 programs (Engolo, Stargate, and SMC). Remember you can Rejig/Scavenge your other programs into your Leprechaun.

Speaking of MU, I played Supercorridor mostly because of its +2, but the deck really makes good use of its +1 maximum hand size. The drawback from Stimhack does add up after a while.

And finally, with 5 Rejig/Scavenge effects, it would be a sin not to play D4v1d. So do that.

The Tech

I had a spare restricted slot, but no spare influence, so Film Critic it was. Really strong against PE, which I expected some of, and its presence in the deck let me feel like I could get away without playing Feedback Filter.

Political Operative is good against dumb Cold Site Server and Reduced Service shenanigans. It never did much, but it could theoretically let you trash Crisiums on Stargate runs, and it can trash Echo Chamber before they have a chance to use it. I'm not sure what I would replace it with if I could run the deck back again in the same meta.

"And how many times did Supercorridor fire today?"

"I got... maybe 8 credits off all day? But I managed to dodge Punitive once with 6 cards in hand!"

4 Apr 2019 Koga


I've been trying to build a similar deck for a while (with little success) and found that Peace in Our Time can really help you setting up your Rezekis early, so I think they're worth considering! I'll be trying this out, thanks for sharing

5 Apr 2019 Frost

@Koga, I tried PioT for a little while, but the acceleration it gave to the corp was too much downside, letting them keep ice rezzed on both their remote and their centrals.