Fishy CTM 2.0

johno 585

get fishy with it

Updated for a new year! Bankers came off the restricted list and Strike got banned, so I celebrated the only way I know how: by playing good old CTM.

The objective of this deck is economic battle with the runner. Taxation of runs is key. I'm all in on Red Herrings, which taxes the runner out in addition to the cost of the remote. One or two of these, maybe some MVTs, and the access step can get very expensive. Of course if they trash it, they're facing the tag trace and maybe an AR trigger too.

There's nothing too unusual here. I only made some minor tweaks on my previous list to put in Rashida and Amani. The econ felt a little weak in truth, so improvements could be made. Might be room for the humble PAD Campaign, or even supposed staple Hedge Fund.

Influence-wise, Crisium felt good: it turns off Khusyuk, Crims on HQ, Omar (at which point it's your fourth MVT on Archives), but maybe it's a little decadent and it should be Marilyn or something. Architect ensures some facecheck punishment and is also some small hail-mary protection if they let it fire (stick a Red Herrings on the server they're running).

SEA Source is key and is your out against shaper. Hard-Hitting needs to be respected but many do, don't be surprised if you don't play it. If they don't respect it, hit them with it. Once they're tagged, Exchange for a GFI is probably one of your agenda "scores" in an average game. Closed Accounts and Psychographics could be cut, but the latter at least seems like a good emergency out if they go tag-me. Maybe a Pre-emptive could be considered.

7 May 2019 Di4na

You have no money other than Bankers and Rashida. What do you do if they kill those?

8 May 2019 CryptoGraham

Seems a bit poor, there's no recursion for if the CBGs get hit.

Also would you consider trading Architect for 2x Eli 1.0? Seems good in a tempo kind of deck.

Love the idea of Crisium a lot though!