Oops! All Triggers

CryptoGraham 784

You'll get caught up in the--

Go Big Or Go Home.

Welcome to Oops! All Triggers!

This wild wild deck doesn't combo out but vastly vastly accelerates your game to either win in an impressive show of trigger-arrangement skills or it will fizzle out in a blaze of glory.

The key spice in the deck is Political Dealings. You'll be wanting to use your Team Sponsorships to install new agendas from your hand into the deck OR you'll pull back your used Rashida Jaheems to keep letting you draw and install agendas. Use Successful Field Test after you've rashida'd up to do a wombo mass-install. Install-pocalypse! Score agenda after agenda each turn and use Sportsmetal to INJECT more cards into your scary engine or credit up for your next wild fast advance!

Kill Switch is more used for tempo than anything else. Sure, you could boost to guarantee brain damage but if you siphon off 3 credits a turn every turn, boy howdy you got a stew goin'!

It's wild! It's wacky!

Good luck and just remember: GO BIG OR GO HOME

13 May 2019 lukifer

As long as you're maximizing triggers, Political Dealings and Research Grant have a potentially hilarious interaction :D