Fall Guy Is a Crutch

elidelajandro 84

This deck was the runner up at Fresno Magnum Opus in 2018 and recently won in Concord.

After many impassioned minutes of debate with @pj20, I decided to go with this model with the rotation of Fall Guy and Lustig.

The original build had 1 Levy, 1 Reclaim and a 3rd Kongamoto but unlike @pj20, I don't have 2,000 matches to know exactly when to pop what. Plus, I kept losing wars of attrition to grindy decks so I'd rather have the safety net of the extra Levy.

If you have to play with 45 cards, drop a Spy Camera. Apart from that, Hostage works to tutor out connection pieces. Sometimes it's Tech Trader but against the wombo combo Sportmetal, I tutor for Miss Bones.

The single FtE is for playing against decks that only run 8 agendas (Azmari, MTI). Recycling Dorm Computer and something else to steal a Degree Mill is pretty awesome.

Fall Guy would be nice but its absence changes the Geist game. The removal of Lustig is annoying. Golden works well in its place though.