Khusyuk Sponge (5th Berlin Regional) 3-1

lazychef13 414

i survived 18 cards worth of khusyuk without giving away a single agenda. This is my spin on HB rush. Sportsmetal is fine but can be too slow even so i packed my all in next version without any ash, border control or other tricks and nothing to help against flood. You just jam and get money clickless with SSl and CST. Playing 20 taxing ice gives you 2-3 in your starting hand almost 90 percent of the time and cards like lateral growth let you start scoring basically turn one. Hedge, lateral growth a cst, advance is a common turn one play. Since ther is too much pad tap Leela around i cut a CST for an Architect Deployment Test which almost always installed an ice on the server where leela would bounce afterwards most likely. I was also expecting more apocalypse, where mca and 20 ice can shine as well.

Round 1: Win against @odol Smoke

I score an early ssl before he sets up and a sneaky vitruvius never advanced as well. He has me in the lock but his two 6 cards khusyuk whiff. he eventually gets an ssl out of an 5 iced remote for basically 1 real credit but i win after time is called. Would have lost a longer game probably.

Round 2: against @Bl4nk3t Patchwork Maxx

Really interesting match going back and forth. But 10 strength surveyors and Seidr look pretty sad against his D4v1ds. But i am draining them going for the win after his levy. get up to 5 points with a rashida in the remote. he stole an ssl and stargated a CST already. beeing afraid the card in the remote could be vitruvius he stargates abd mills a vitruvius just to run archives last click. i rez architect and go down to 0 credits. he is on 4credits but his mkultra is still in the bin. After laughing about the situation a bit he realizes he hasn't used patchwork yet. so he got in

Round 3 win against DL7RRK freedom

He facechecked a surveyor too early forcing him to pop a 3 credit kati early to clear tags. This was too much of a tempo hit. I scored cst turn 3 and ssl turn 5 and won after 10 minutes.

Round 4 win against @Smieszny Smoke

Pretty much the same Smoke as before but i get a way better start. scoring a CST early because he played two peace in our time. i could rez all my ice and tax him out eventually. H is whiffing as well on a 6 card khusyuk and i can score out my Architect deployment test. I see and ikawah 4 cards down on r&d and protect r&d with another ice. next turn i jinja r&d and draw twice to set up the last turn- He just runs hq a bunch thru a 6 strength gatekeeper and i mandatory draw the ikawah and IAA in the remote for the win.

I think next is not in the best place. but no corp is. So that is fine.

unfortunatelly my first round runner mistake took me to the bottom tables where my sos was taking huge cuts so the top 4 just ID in the last round leaving me on 18 points just as the top 4 living my bubbleboylife. I think i could have good chances to rush against those hayleys, maxx and apoc val lists.

Anyway it was a great tournament with an amazing organiser and a deserved Champ Saan