Siphon CTM (6-0 Rochester SC)

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So you know what is worse than taking a tag as a runner? Taking a tag and watching your credits get siphoned into the corp's pool all at the same time. This is the deck that I took to the Rochester NY store championship going 6 and 0 during the day and along with my Good Stuff Val carried me through the cut to claim the championship plaque. This deck beat Comrades Hayley, Wilfy Hayley and an Adam in the cut.

Agenda Suite

Global Food Initiative because 3 point agendas are even better when they are only worth 2 points in the runners score area, Quantum Predictive Model to make them fear accessing cards with tags and 15 Minutes to Exchange of Information with a GFI to get to 7 points. Escalate Vitriol is the only janky card in here mainly to leverage against anyone that went tag-me but it could easily be replaced with a Corporate Sales Team (probably for the better). Project Beale rounds out the suite because 3/2's are good.


Daily Business Show to draw your needed cards faster and bury agendas you may not want at this moment while PAD Campaign and Marilyn Campaign are you basic credit assets. Marilyn has the added benefit of when it shuffles its self back in, it re-distributes all those agendas you have been putting to the bottom of the deck with DBS as now you should be in a position where you want them so you can start scoring.

MCA Austerity Policy 1 of the 3 workhorses of this deck; denies them clicks while setting you up to fast advance things from your hand. Also if they have run and not trashed this and you hit them with HHN they can not manually clear all the tags.

Aryabhata Tech Workhorse number 2; this asset basically means they can't just let traces fire and turns a lot of the low cost/high strength tracer ice into real threats. You will routinely be telling your opponent "take a tag and lose a credit" and they will need to reread this card again. That look will slowly turn to despair as they realize just how bad this is going to be for them.

NGO Front is card number 3 in the power trio; without Hedge Fund in the deck this is going to be your "burst economy". Put this in a remote with an ICE or 2, bait out the run making the runner spend credits and pop it after they declare to access. Use the money to HHN/SEA Source them. Bonus value if it has an MVT guarding it.

Mumbad Virtual Tour is just good stuff CTM.


Exchange of Information, Hard-Hitting News and Psychographics are good yellow cards. Best Defense is there to take out Misdirection but most likely you'll hit a SatCon. If they decide to float tags you may get something better like a breaker. Preemptive Action is the only recursion in this deck. Use it to mainly get used NGO's and/or MCAA's out of archives. SEA Source is your answer to Shapers since they are all packing misdirection. This will let you get a key EoI in, usually winning the game.


All tracer ICE with the exception of Tollbooth which combines perfectly with Aryabhata Tech. Macrophage to maximize traces on the cheap. Data Raven and Gutenberg to all but give tags to the runner and IP Block because there needs to be a barrier and punishes the runner for installing an AI breaker.


My local meta has got wise to this deck and has started packing Salsette Slums, so I am currently testing -1 HHN and plus 1 SEA Source to land a tag and trash the slums.

24 Feb 2018 SneakdoorMelb

This is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. It's amazing.

24 Feb 2018 SneakdoorMelb

This is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. It's amazing.

10 Jan 2019 Radiant

Nice work! I love it. One of the PAD Campaigns should be a NASX though - I doubt this will ever be the difference between a win and a loss, but it's strictly better than 3x PAD.