miek moons - 3rd place aussie nats

triorph 902

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

5-0 in swiss, beating andy, dlr maxx, andy, sifr whizz and geist

0-2 in cut, losing to eventual first and second place players (both on Andy)

Made a "theorycrafted" cut of 3rd Biotic Labor for 2nd Austerity Policy. As busted as Austerity Policy is, I'm not sure that was the right call. See crushedguava's thoughts on the matter.

My special tech card is EBC, which is primarily a "weird" tech start-up but also gives you some saving grace against Dyper decks (of which there were none). Never got to make the obscene play of "EBC + AAL for CSM from deck at the end of runner's turn" but it was a large part of the reason I chose EBC.