RUDE DECK (8-2 at Berlin Double Play 2019)

boreira 602

Was wondering about the best pick against greedy rnd runners and other CF fanatics but didnt want to play Mti as I try to avoid the most popular ID's in a meta mostly because of strong counter plays of top players.. and Outlet was great choice! I've drop two games during two days tournament with a future, champion and third player.

So the way of play Outlet is easy and obvious. Just get tons of money 1-2 turn, don't worry about central serves too much, build one strong server to score GFI and CWP fast, make it even faster with dedication ceremony or use it for RA and let runner steel it just to kill him with weyland toys. Basically force the runner to chose between bed and worst choice.

No RoCo here - better speed without it, let runner run and steel when you have tons of money and just try to close up game in 10-15min.

I heard "THIS IS SO RUDE" so many times this weekend but that's how weyalnd should be like, right?

As a new player to the game (started exactly when ffg dropped the game) I feel tiny satisfaction to build the strongest weyland in a tournament of 35 players.

Had a chance to fight with this deck for top 3 in a last 2 rounds but finally ended up 11th. Congrats to All the players, especially unbeaten champion @tugtetgut who made so great choice for runner against MTI and @Bl4nk3t who went so far with so oppressive Cybernetics Division deck playing RUDE tricks :D

If you never been to Berlin Double Play you have to go next time. This year it had 35 players from 10 countries. And special thanks goes to Dome_ amazing guy who run all this respect!

12 Feb 2019 Saan

I brought a different Outfit build to Domecon, and it just plain sucked. It felt like Shapers just ran rampant over it. I think the Snares are a good inclusion, and I like the agenda package you're running. It feels like it might want a Fast Track, since you can always FT up a City Works and Dedicate it to score the following turn.

Anyhow, cheers on having a much better run with Weyland than I was able to do! =D

12 Feb 2019 Bl4nk3t

congratulations on piloting the best weyland@domecon - and thanks for the shout out :)

I was this close to brining the outfit on day 2 but decided against it on the grounds of wanting to prove the strength of rude Cybernetics Division even when it isn't a surprise any more.

My own the outfit variant has a fast advance possibility with Audacity and Project Atlas as well as Surveyor and SSL Endorsement instead of Archer and Global Food Initiative and a Zealous Judge for bonus Hard-Hitting News rudeness - I'll link it for reference.

In the meantime some questions:

12 Feb 2019 boreira

@SaanWon with Smokes and Khabonesa, loose to Hayley. Yep Fast Track would be nice but hard to find a slot for it.. maybe instead of one Mausolus could work but still i feel like to keep the ice to put rashida behind it and than get the agedas fast ;) but will check it cheers man!

12 Feb 2019 boreira

@Bl4nk3tthx and hello :) Was playing Outfit with some 3/2 and 4/2 agendas but it was to anoying to struggle all those RnD accesses.. Turned into 5/3 and punitive to use this against runners.

  1. Dedication Ceremony with Reversed Accounts and City Works Project its always working really well in rush plays
  2. Was trying 3xPunitive Counterstrike and 1x Consulting Visit but 2xCV gives more flexibility. Anyhow I will probobaly add 1x Archived Memories in a place of Breached Dome for upcoming MWL without Crowdfunding everywhere
  3. I use IPO instead of NGO just because it fits better with City Works Project. I like NGOs fakes but in this deck I often dont mind if runner steals agenda from server. Btw I made a huge mistake during our game when u played Stimhack last click on remonte with GFI I used Border Control and score it next turn but... I forgot that you will get brain demage and stay with 2cards after not 3 :P
    Ah and for fakes I also use Reveresed Accounts works pretty well