Apocalypse Kit But She Has 15 Influence Cause She's Trans

JuniperTheory 66

So this deck originally came out of me doing a twitter poll to ask my friends which shitty nerd i should turn into a girl. They chose nasir, and i tried to make a nasir deck work and it Didn't; but it lead me to finding a couple of Apoca-lat decks that were really interesting, mostly this one. I decided to switch to that for my dumbass needs.

I played around with it a bunch and realized it aws the perfect place to go way too hard on engolo, and then rebirth into a cute cyborg girl. Very, very few ice walls can stand up to a surprise kit + engolo.

For those of you unaware how this deck works, you draw a ton of your deck with diesels/deuces/just plain old Click To Draw which you can do with extra clicks you get off beth + peace in our time/playing 2 events a turn with Comet. Throw away every Out Of The Ashes you draw, usually by discard but occasionally by playing it.

Eventually, you've drawn into apocalypse and you have 2-3 OotA in your bin; you can now pull them out to make runs before your turn begins and have 3-5 actions to play your apoc. It's gives you a lot of wiggle room, I've had turns where i played clone chip click 1 run click 2 apoc click 3, just to make sure that i had the breakers i needed to get in.

The breaker suit is mostly just engolo, but Cerberus is great because you won't be breaking things more then a few times a game, and ika is just A Good Breaker especially when you're only going for a few servers. Pelangi helps when you can't get in, misdirection helps you Not Die, and equivocation was a last second add i'm not sure about.

Encore is actually here as a secret tech against punitives/hhn/other post-apoc, and for turns where you don't wanna run archives immediately after apoc-ing because you're a scaredy cat. give yourself a whole extra turn to prepare.

Rebirth is for turning into girls.

Okay like, specifically it's for turning into Kit so you can then get into servers more easily and apocalypse faster. However, it's occasionally not a bad idea to turn into Jesmender if the opposing deck is like, super tag heavy; i don't think you'd turn into anyone else. If you turn into kate you've violated the spirit of the deck and i have no respect for you.

The goal if this deck is to eventually have a turn where all 3 of your central server runs happen before your turn begins, and thus you can play Peace In Our Time, play Apocalypse with comet, play Encore, Notoriety, Notoriety, and then use your final beth click to run archives. If you can do this please take a picture of it, I want to see.

If you win this deck without playing rebirth you have won the game, but not the moral victory, and I pity you.

17 Nov 2019 el-zilcho

You can’t Peace, then run Archives later. Unless you’re @rotage.

18 Nov 2019 CodeMarvelous

yes you can @el-zilchobecause you can use Out of the Ashes to do all your runs before Click One. Peace in Our Time specifies that it has to be played as your first click but not as the first thing you do on your turn.

18 Nov 2019 scd

Like el-zilcho, I'm really confused. How can you run Archives on the Beth click? You do OOTA runs for the runs that will let you trigger Apoc (so, before Click 1), you Peace on on Click 1, then by Click 5 (Beth click) you still can't initiate any runs, so you can't run Archives. Unless I'm missing something obvious here.

20 Nov 2019 JuniperTheory

no y'all are right i'm just dumb as fuck. don't do estrogen kids. or do i'm not your mom

However, you can run archives with an OOtA before your turn begins.