Adam: More of a Korma than a Vindaloo (4th @ Dublin GNK)

anarchomushroom 110

Adam is absolutely quality. His supposed limitations aren't really limitations (well, some of them are) because the benefit you get is real real good. But I think with 25 influence, you've got room to spice things up a little. And that's what I wanted to do post Worlds, after playing about 11 games with him over the whole weekend, and also about 20 games on Jnet. So here we are with Adam: More of Korma than a Vindaloo (ie, Adam with a tiny little bit of spice, I was very hungry thinking about the deckname).

It's pretty standard Adam with one or two changes. Full playset of Stimhack is fairly common, it's one of the best cards Adam has access to and has opened up so many options, especially when you reach a point where the damage is just negligible. After that, one of the Brain Chips is changed to a Brain Cage, just for a little bit of consistency. Cage has saved my bacon against Jinteki and NBN kill decks, if I haven't drawn a Chip or Emergent Creativity, or if I haven't scored an agenda yet. Great one-of. I really like "Freedom Through Equality", not only can it be used to clear bothersome Currents like Enhanced Login Protocol, it's a really great way to close out games quickly. I don't think I'd run 3, but 2 is a nice number, and it has definitely won me games by turning a late game agenda into a game winner. Kati Jones is another card that is seen a little bit in Adam. Adam can kinda slow down a little bit if the game goes long and Kati is an excellent way of quietly building money. The earlier you can get her down the better. My spiciest bit of spice is a one of Aumakua which I have since soured on. If you draw it early, it's great, especially if you're crazy and like to run the bad directive, but man does it suck when you've already got Engolo out. I think you need to run 3 Aumakua to make it work but unfortunately even at 1 influence the slots are fairly tight.

Also, a second Reclaim is tight as hell. Effectively getting to play with 5, count 'em, 5 Logic Bomb is so sweet. Logic Bomb is a beautiful beautiful card and arguably Adam's best card.

Round one vs SSO

My round one in general was not fantastic, my Corp also took a loss. SSO just got that real good SSO start and was able to switch on all of their ICE, while I meanwhile didn't get a lot of the economy that I would have liked. Eventually I died to the Impossible Choice.

Round two vs Architects of Tomorrow

This was very very close. Ikawah Project sucks. It's really really good against Adam at being able to nullify Logic Bomb runs. Thankfully though I was able to get a good burst of money early on, and was able to get two early scores that put me on match point early on. Unfortunately, we ran out of time before either of us could win but I had been able to score 6 points and took the time limit win. Both my round two games were great.

Round three vs Building A Better World

This one ended pretty quickly. Managed to nab an early Priority Requisition with a Freedom as well. The corp tried to bait me into running into some traps but I knew they were in hand so was able to play around them. Eventually managed to steal the winning 3 pointer thanks to Logic Bomb getting through Hadrian's Wall.

Round four vs Personal Evolution

My corp game this round took a while and was right down to the wire. The runner game, less so. Couldn't find a Brain Cage or Brain Chip early on (or may have found the Chip but didn't get the agenda to pair with it). Eventually a second Sting! plus double Neural EMP finished me off in relatively quick affair.

Adam is super fun, and definitely my runner of choice. He doesn't lose anything in rotation bar Daily Casts, which is gonna be rough, but it frees up a few slots. There's still PAD Tap and Rezeki to keep the money flowing, but may need to explore some other economy options.

Thanks again to Mark for organising this event! It was an absolute tonne of fun as always, and thanks again to the excellent Dublin and Irish Netrunner community!